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  • Political Campaigns:
    • We have engaging tools and methods to infuse the most impact into your political campaign
    • Dramatic cinema
    • Memetics
    • Epistemology
    • Neuroscience
    • Engaging surround effects and music
    • are just some of the tools we use.
    • P.S.: If you do direct mail without our back end technology, you are losing serious money and responses. Schedule a consultation ASAP!
  • TV Spots / Video Ads / Infomercials:
    • When you hear that 10,000 children die in Africa every day you move on, but the story about the cat in a well keeps you captivated. Ever wonder why? We are experts at manipulating attention and emotional impact.
    • The answer has nothing to do with cats.
  • Save Your Film:
    • You have a great idea, wrote an excellent script (or so you think), put a skilled crew together, and despite your "A" efforts you end up with a "B" movie.
    • Let us take a fresh look from outside, your overexposure bias is killing your project, because you lost objectivity. We may not be any better than you, but we have one thing you lost: a fresh pair of eyes and the perspective of the ticket holder, plus cinema production knowledge to point out the trouble spots. Who knows, perhaps on our next production we will ask you to be "our fresh pair of eyes" too.

We Are


The video producers with
cinematic persuation skills.


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hartford film

we tell stories that move people - 844-811-5200

We are a creative team located in Hartford, Connecticut. With film production and ad agency experience, we have a singular obsession: emotional impact. If you want to tell a story that gets your audience to act, perhaps we could help.

story Development

Humans are an odd lot. We crave to hear logic but are moved to action by our emotions. Neuroscience makes more discoveries in a year than any one individual can learn in a lifetime. The science of "belief triggers" is our business.

role casting

A good message worth sharing is only as good as the face sharing it. From aesthetics to credibility, proper casting is essential. Not all roles require a star, but each role must be played by the actor most suited for maximum impact.

media production

It is hard enough to build an emotional roller coaster into a two hour movie. Our commercial clients task us to pull it off in 30 seconds. Communicate with impact. We are film, advertising psychology, and business veterans.

hfa - daring & bold

Anyone can shake things up. Shaking things so everything falls where you planned, is a science. We are lucky to have a very specific combination of skills, which help us deliver what our clients need, and more.

Business oriented

Our parent company has mediated the sale and M&A of over 400 businesses in over 30 industries. We have seen what works, what doesn't, and why.


With active divisions in diverse commercial areas, we practice the principles we share to further our own success. We literally practice what we preach.


Good ideas don't happen in a vacuum; they require exposure to a constant stream of information through multiple input channels. We're international.


Our most content clients are those who are not afraid to experiment in a controlled environment with new variables until we find "killer" combinations.

HFA Team

Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. The people behind Hartford Film Academy.

Mike Johnson

Founder and team leader at incentive server, dan is a business analyst with 60+ F500 advertising and marketing clients, nearly 400 businesses sold or merged as a broker.

Dan Banici
CEO & Founder

Jessica Specter

A project manager raised and educated in CT, jamila is head of client relations for all the option quest divisions, as well as the HFA production company.

Jamila Benseghir
Accounts Director

Lynda Smith

With a long career as a territory manager for a major tobacco company, as well as being an expert in political campaigns, Doug's expertise is invaluable to our advertising and marketing programs.

Douglas Hageman
Client Strategy Director

Lynda Smith

Every campaign needs fresh ideas. With over 20 years of professional photo and video experience, oleg brings a lot of "what if" scenarios that our clients love.

Oleg Mashkov
Creative Director

We redefined

Our long term success with smart database driven direct mail and email campaigns, better than VDP, combined with our professional cinema production skills, make HFA the provider of choice when you want to get the most impact out of your ad budget. We routinely do for all our clients what is elsewhere possible only on the highest budgets.

HFA Services

We Are Obsessed with Perfect Footage

Some of our most requested services are operator and equipment rentals for production of high end TV spots and for movie production. The equipment most often requested is the computer controlled cinema drone, the 32 foot robotic jib, and the three axes motion control robot. The secret to good footage is perfect motion and composition achieved by an experienced operator.


We write TV ads, infomercials, documentary skeletons and movies mostly; we also write ad copy.

  • Commercial Spots
  • Political Spots
  • NFP Spots
  • Infommercials
  • Stories
  • Documentary Structure
  • Film Structure
  • Copywriting

location &

Visual media works best when everything in your shot has a reason and a purpose.

  • Finding Proper Locations
  • Talent Casting Calls
  • Actor Auditions
  • Directing
  • Venue Setup
  • Agent negotiations
  • Permits and Insurance
  • Resource Coordination


Lighting, blocking, rehearsing, sound effects, visual effects, camera angles, actor performance.

  • Editing
  • Audio Production
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Special Effects
  • Music Production
  • Project Management
  • Technical Requirements

end use

Every project is part of a larger strategy. As such, it has to fit in with your complete vision.

  • Format Conversions
  • Brand Immersion & Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Content Audit
  • Project/Platform planning
  • Technical Requirements
  • Testing
We Are Cinematographers
We Are Ad Specialists
We Are Creative
We Are Script Writers
We Are Daring
We Are Innovative

— Through Intuition, Emotion, Perception, Neuroscience —
— Wield the tools to turn your ideas into peoples' desires —


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